Sunday, September 4, 2016

Floridians tweeting for Trump against the corruption

Join Floridians who want Trump to defeat Clinton corruption and to lead the charge against the corruption of Congress.

In order to Make Make America Great Again, demand that the current Congress face up to and act on its corruption before Nov. 8th, or face eviction from office.

Voters can join the Trump "ground game" in Florida by tweeting, including: (i) send Trump a tweet, (ii) send tweets to Senators Nelson and Rubio and Florida representatives in Congress, and (iii) send tweets to other Floridians. Scroll down this blog entry for sending tweets.


The Clinton corruption of the past 25 years keeps welling up. Its most egregious manifestation is being revealed in The Clinton Foundation.

In his campaign, Trump is lambasting the Clintons on their corruption.

There is other widespread corruption Trump has been outspoken on.

In the very first debate, Trump was brutally honest. Here's the video of that.

On August 16th Trump tweeted a video that "we are going to make this a government of the people once again."

In video (below) Trump slams the "pay for play" corruption of Hillary Clinton, the "profiteering," and the "favors given to foreign corporations and governments," all being "not acceptable," "corrupt" and bringing "great dishonor" on our government.

On the goal of making this "a government of the people once again", Trump says this is "the last chance" for the people to take back their power, and that the "establishment is scared" and "has no idea how many people are going to come out on Nov. 8th and vote"

Florida is a battleground state for Trump to defeat the Clinton corruption and lead the charge against the corruption of Congress. Average voters can be part of the Trump "ground game" to achieve this in Florida by sending tweets.

If you receive a tweet and come to this webpage, please tweet and join the Trump "ground game" in Florida.

Thank you.

To send Trump a tweet for defeating the Clinton corruption and to lead the charge against Congressional corruption, click on the below link. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Floridians tweeting for Trump against the corruption).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #FixCongressNow.

You can send tweets by clicking on the below links. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Floridians tweeting for Trump against the corruption). Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #FlaPol.

Tweet here to Senator Nelson
Tweet here to Senator Rubio
Tweet here to Rep. Miller
Tweet here to Rep. Graham
Tweet here to Rep. Yoho
Tweet here to Rep. Crenshaw
Tweet here to Rep. Brown
Tweet here to Rep. DeSantis
Tweet here to Rep. Mica
Tweet here to Rep. Posey
Tweet here to Rep. Grayson
Tweet here to Rep. Webster
Tweet here to Rep. Nugent
Tweet here to Rep. Bilrakis
Tweet here to Rep. Jolly
Tweet here to Rep. Castor
Tweet here to Rep. Ross
Tweet here to Rep. Buchanan
Tweet here to Rep. Rooney
Tweet here to Rep. Murphy
Tweet here to Rep. Clawson
Tweet here to Rep. Hastings
Tweet here to Rep. Deutch
Tweet here to Rep. Frankel
Tweet here to Rep. Wasserman Schultz
Tweet here to Rep. Wilson
Tweet here to Rep. Diaz-Balart
Tweet here to Rep. Curbelo
Tweet here to Rep. Ros-Lehtinen

The meat for a Trump "ground game" in Florida is for tens of thousands of tweets to be sent to Florida voters. This is to be accomplished by a pyramiding of tweets.

Here is a suggested tweet to be used for the pyramiding.
Join Floridians tweeting for Trump against Clinton corruption and Cong'l corruption.

(If you prefer another tweet, feel free to compose your own, the only important element being a link to this webpage

Next you start sending your tweet message to Florida voters in your geographic location. individually. This can be done easily by finding Twitter accounts of newspapers, TV stations, chambers of commerce, schools, political organizations, and others in your geographical area and sending your tweets to followers of those Twitter accounts.

For example, if you live in Broward County, you might use these follower lists to find Florida voters to send tweets to: ,

In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done efficiently. Get the tweet message on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 30 to 40 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.

The idea is for recipients of your tweets who click on the link in the tweet will come to this webpage and then join in and do their own tweeting to other Floridians in their locale. The goal is to produce a pyramiding of tweets that reaches tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Florida voters across the state.

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