Monday, August 29, 2016

To DemSpring volunteer leaders: Expand your vision!

It has been announced that 319 volunteer leaders from around the country have applied to Democracy Spring's first National Training, to be held from September 8th through 11th in New Jersey.

The training is for local leaders around the country "to get trained, form local teams, and organize the kind of widespread nonviolent direct action we need to make this the last corrupt election we ever have to endure." Democracy Spring says:

The opportunity of this moment is extraordinary. Over the last year, the overwhelming public consensus that we need to get big money out of politics had exploded onto the national stage. Throughout the primaries, presidential candidates from both parties have repeatedly raised this issue; progressive candidates up and down the ballot are claiming it as a core element of their reform agendas; and Democratic Party leaders, including Hilary Clinton, are making their strongest commitments to date to protect and expand voting rights, establish publicly funded elections, and overturn Citizens United
There are two key things to understand here. 
First, we are only here because the movement to end legalized corruption and establish true democracy got us here. Thousands of people have been organizing and volunteering around this fight for many years and millions have participated in some way to have their voices heard. Last April, over 1,300 people were arrested with Democracy Spring on the steps of US Capitol in what was the largest American civil disobedience action of the 21st Century. We are shifting the national conversation and opening up the space to pass fundamental reform to fix democracy, not in 2018 or 2019, but next year.
Second, we have a hard and critically important fight ahead of us. We will only win the sweeping reforms we need to swiftly address catastrophic climate change, the mass incarceration and deportation of black and brown people, our national healthcare emergency, and so many other issues, if we are able to grow this movement quickly and use escalating nonviolent direct action and noncooperation on a historic scale, putting decisive pressure on power-holders to concede to the movement's demands. 
How do you do that? With a robust and decentralized national network of local teams performing coordinated acts of civil disobedience from coast to coast, who will make it clear to the nation that We the People are rising and we will not rest until we have the democracy we were promised. From now until election day, we will disrupt, shame, and isolate candidates who defend the corrupt status quo and lift up, celebrate, and support those who publicly commit to passing fundamental reforms.

The forgoing sounds as if Democracy Spring is going to depend on news reporting of its acts of civil disobedience for breaking through into the public consciousness (make "clear to the nation" its message) between now and November 8th. 

Democracy Spring presumably does not have funds to advertise on the TV, and radio or by U.S. mail or to pay for other things to get its message spread in the public domain. Democracy Spring may not even have assets to do door to door canvassing for its campaign or to hand out leaflets in public places.

For a year, the Presidential election has sucked up the nation's attention, and Democracy Spring  April civil disobedience and Philadelphia convention disobedience got little or no news coverage.

I think it is a fair estimate to say it is going to be very tough for Democracy Spring to break into the public consciousness between now and November 8th.

In the face of that, I would say to the DemSpring volunteer leaders and others, get creative, expand your vision for breaking into the public consciousness; get going, get cracking, and do tweeting banks as laid out in this blog.

This does not take training. It does not take waiting until September 8th through 11th. It just takes gumption and a willingness to start sending tweets.

Do you have the gumption?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump should lead charge against corrupt Congress

Tweet to Trump
Trump should lead the charge of the country to demand that the current Congress face up to and act on its corruption before Nov. 8th, or else face eviction from office. Send Mr. Trump a tweet asking him to lead this charge by clicking on the below link. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Trump should lead charge against corrupt Congress).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #FixCongressNow.
In deciding whether or not to tweet to Trump, you know that he has been on the corruption and broken political system from the start.

In the very first debate, Trump was brutally honest. Here's the video of that.

Donald Trump has been saying that many times, in many ways, ever since.

Donald Trump tweeted yesterday that "we are going to make this a government of the people once again."

In his tweeted video Trump lambastes the "pay for play" corruption of Hillary Clinton, the "profiteering," and the "favors given to foreign corporations and governments," all being "not acceptable," "corrupt" and bringing "great dishonor" on our government.

As to the goal of making this "a government of the people once again", Trump says this is "the last chance" for the people to take back their power, and that the "establishment is scared" and "has no idea how many people are going to come out on Nov. 8th and vote"

Trump needs to escalate and take on our corrupt Congress as well. He needs to lead the charge for the American people to #FixCongressNow.

If this is indeed the "last chance" for the people to take back their power, that should extend to it being the last chance for the people to reclaim their Congress.

The people need to be unified to demand that the current Congress address its corruption before Nov. 8th, or else be evicted from office on November 8th.

Trump can and should lead this charge against the corruption of Congress.

And you should tweet to him using the "Tweet here to Donald Trump" button on the top of this page.

Thank you.

Oklahoma voters are tweeting to their Congressional candidates to demand #FixCongressNow and threatening incumbents with eviction November 8th if nothing is done. You may find  tweets of the Oklahoma voters at #FixCongressNow.

Making this messaging more effective
I am using the #TrumpPence16 hashtag to send individually directed tweets (such as the one you may have received from me), which say:
Tweet for Trump to lead the charge against our corrupt Congress.
I have gotten over 500 page views of this blog entry.

A few people have used the above "Tweet here to Donald Trump" button, and a few tweets to Donald Trump can be found at #FixCongressNow.

I have received 25 to 50 likes or retweets of my tweets.

I would like people to tweet to their Congressional candidates as has happened in Oklahoma (referred to above).

Further, I would like people to set up "tweeting banks" in their Congressional districts in the vein of Template for Congressional districts.

If you have any suggestions for how the messaging I am attempting can achieve greater reach and be more effective, please tell me. Suggestions can be made by posting comments below, or by joining and making discussion in this google group I have created, or by emailing or tweeting to me.

Thank you.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Will you tweet to #FixCongressBeforeNov8th?

Our Presidential candidates, corrupt Hillary and wacko Donald, are an abysmal failure for the country. They cannot be looked to for leadership for our country to #FixCongressBeforeNov8th.

Given the disastrous Presidential landscape, it is all the more necessary for the citizens and Congressional candidates to beat the current Congress over its head to act before Nov. 8th, or else they will be voted out of office on Nov. 8th.

I have been trying since November with this blog, and my accompanying tweeting (that I think is as much as one person can do).

It seems clear our country's political welfare has become more dire.

Citizens need to do Congressional tweeting banks all over the country this fall, in the vein of this Template for Congressional districts.

Please join in and support this.

Thank you.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

To Jill Stein and supporters

With Senator Sanders out of the Presidential race, you have decisions to make about how best to advance your agenda.

I am sure you have your own ranking of the issues that Senator Sanders made central to his Presidential campaign, and, with slight variation, your personal ranking of issues probably carries over to Jill Stein's agenda.

In how you devote your efforts in the 2016 election, you need to take into account Jill Stein's chances of being elected, and, if those chances are very small, what you can do that would have the greatest effect for advancing your agenda.

I would like to encourage you in a certain direction.

The corrupting influence of money in politics

One of the central issues in both the Sanders campaign and the Jill Stein campaign is the problem of the corrupting influence of money is politics.

Many people, such as Professor Lawrence Lessig, believe that the money corruption prevents the country from properly addressing just about every other important issue, ranging from the economy, to jobs, to climate change, to healthcare, and to education.

Perhaps the most critical thing about the money corruption problem is that the political establishment (on both the Republican and Democratic sides) benefits from the corruption, and the establishment seeks to keep the electorate divided so that it will not join together to force the changes on the establishment that are in the interest of the American people generally.

Surveying the past 25 years, you know how polarized and divided the country is, and there is no sign this is going to lessen in the coming four or eight years.

You may reasonably conclude there is no way unity of the electorate is ever going to be achieved to force Congress to face up to, and act on, its corruption.

This blog, and the citizen effort it  espouses, are exclusively concerned with the money corruption problem and how to overcome the obstacle to achieving needed electorate unity to force the current Congress to act before November 8th and for the 2016 elections to be a national referendum on Congress about this.

The 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections

The 2016 political landscape has been a propitious opportunity for trying to make progress on the corruption problem, fueled particularly by the unforeseen success of the Sanders and Trump "outsider" Presidential campaigns, in which there has been much railing against a fixed, corrupt, and broken political system.

The Republicans have now nominated Donald Trump, and the Democrats Hillary Clinton.

What transpires at the Presidential campaign level regarding the money corruption problem remains to play out.

Putting aside the Supreme Court, and the President's nominating power over Supreme Court justices, Congress has the main lawmaking authority for addressing the money corruption problem, coupled with the people's role in calling constitutional conventions to amend the Constitution.

On the Congressional front, one approach is to seek promises from Congressional candidates of what they will do if they are elected.

Besides the fact that politicians may promise anything to get elected and frequently fail to follow through, there is a further problem with the regular electoral way to get Representatives elected to Congress who support reform and will act for reform.

Regardless of the agreement of voters on the need for reform, voters have differing views on important issues, such as climate change, immigration, abortion and privacy versus security in fighting terrorism and crime. If a Congressional candidate takes positions on other important issues, many voters may not support the candidate on that basis, and this undermines getting needed unity of voters to elect Representatives who will be responsive to the need for reform.

To get around this, a Congressional candidate might take the position that Congress must be fixed first, voter unity on that must not be undermined, and for that reason the candidate declines to take positions on other issues. In all likelihood, a Congressional candidate who takes that approach will attract little voter support.

That, and candidates promising anything to get elected, present a conundrum on the Congressional front.

Since last November, I have been trying to advance a solution, which is set out at 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations.

This solution is not to ask Congressional candidates to make campaign finance reform a plank in their campaign platforms (which is not an effective approach for the reasons described above).

Rather, the solution is for the voters to demand that all Congressional candidates, incumbents and challengers alike, to declare that the current Congress must, before November 8, 2016,  confront whether or not Congress is corrupt and pass reform (or not) for the American people to consider in casting their votes in November.

Demanding the current Congress act should not be very onerous on a candidate. Any candidate who refuses to make such a demand would look very bad in voters' eyes, I believe.

The overriding objective of this citizen effort is to force Republican and Democratic incumbents in Congress to take a position about whether or not they think Congress is "broken" and needs to be fixed.

Incumbents can take a position that they don't think Congress is "broken" and does not need fixing, and, in November,  their constituents can decide whether the constituents agree or not.

Alternatively, an incumbent in Congress who says that Congress is "broken" can propose what he or she thinks should be done to try to "fix" the broken Congress.

Congressional debate should then ensue. This debate would be subject to an overhanging threat that Congress must debate the subject and agree, or not agree, on something before November 8th, and that something will be the subject of the 2016 elections referendum.

Need for high level leadership

Citizen efforts are weak things because they need tremendous unity and citizen mobilization to succeed, which is very hard to come by. #DeclareForDemocracy, as a citizen effort by itself, does not have much of a chance.

I thought Senator Sanders could give #DeclareForDemocracy a great chance by endorsing it. I endeavored to bring the citizen effort to the attention of Senator Sanders.  I went so far as to draft A campaign statement for Sen. Sanders as a suggestion for him. I thought such a statement would help Senator Sanders in his Presidential campaign, in addition to helping the cause against the money corruption problem.

Whether Senator Sanders never became aware of #DeclareForDemocracy, or made a conscious decision not to endorse it, it did not get taken up by the Sanders campaign.

I think Donald Trump might also be appealed to, and this past week I have been tweeting links to Mr. Trump, why do we have to wait?

While Jill Stein has a microscopic audience compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and her supporters might be able to make a meaningful penetration on this issue with the electorate, and, in hopes of hopes, that might even trigger Trump and/or Clinton to endorse #DeclareForDemocracy.

To achieve that result will take a lot of effort by voters of all political affiliations.

As of this time, I have not been able to instigate any effort to my knowledge.

I hope Jill Stein and her supporters will take up on this suggestion.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tweet to Donald Trump

If you think Donald Trump should demand that the current Congress face up to and act on its corruption before Nov. 8th, please send him a tweet by clicking on the below link. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Mr. Trump, why do we have to wait?).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #DeclareForDemocracy.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Trump tweeting bank template

This is a template for creating a Trump tweeting bank in your Congressional district in order to force the current Congress, before Nov. 8th, to face up and act (or not act) regarding the corrupting influence of money in politics. Donald Trump made this an issue from the start of his campaign, and his campaign can contribute to forcing Congress to act before Nov. 8th, and doing that will aid his campaign. (For more information, please see 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations.)

The basic idea of the tweeting bank is "I/we are tweeting to you, with a link to here, and I/we solicit you to join in the tweeting, and we thereby grow our numbers, and tweets, in our Congressional district."

For a tweeting bank, you need a webpage for tweets to link to. I can put a webpage for your Congressional district on this blog for your tweets to link to. Alternatively, you can create and host your own webpage for your tweets to link to.

If you use my blog for a webpage for your Congressional district to link to, its exact language can be tailored to suit you.

A generic form of webpage is set forth below.

Once you have your webpage for your tweets to link to, you need to decide on tweet messages to send, and on targets to send your tweets to.

For targets, you basically want voters in your Congressional district. If a Twitter profile indicates that the person appears to be in your Congressional district, you can be indiscriminate or selective as you choose in sending the person a tweet or not.

For your tweets, I suggest something like:
We are tweeting in the __ Cong'l district to demand our current Congress take action regarding its corruption before Nov. 8th. [link to webpage]
As for your webpage for tweets to link to, I suggest something like:


TO: As many voters in the __ Congressional district (regardless of political affiliation) as we can tweet to

This message is being tweeted to you individually.

We who are  tweeting to you share the belief that the American voters should use the 2016 elections to force Congress to confront, before Nov. 8, 2016, whether it is corrupt or not, and to pass reform for voters to consider in November. For more information, please see 2016 Congressional candidates' Declarations.

Hillary Clinton says, if elected President, she will make money in politics reform a top priority from the beginning of her time in office.  For a clip from a speech of hers about this in New Hampshire on July 12th, go to

We who are tweeting to you don't see why the country has to wait until next year to fix Congress.

Also, we think Bill and Hillary Clinton, for more than 25 years, have been master practitioners and supreme beneficiaries of the corrupting influence of money in politics, and we don't think Hillary Clinton can be trusted on this issue.

In the very first debate, Donald Trump said the system is broken.

Donald Trump has been saying that many times, in many ways, ever since.

We think Donald Trump is the Presidential candidate who can best lead the country against the corrupting influence of money in politics.

The President alone, however, cannot make the reforms needed to address the problem of the corrupting influence of money in politics. Congress is ultimately needed to do that, and perhaps a constitutional amendment as well.

Congress has not been responsive to the wishes of the American people that the corrupting influence of money in politics be curtailed. One of the reasons is that Congress and the Washington political class benefit from keeping the electorate divided and preventing needed citizen unity to force Congress to face up to the corruption.

The reasons for the non-responsiveness of Congress would persist regardless of who is  elected President, and a special national political effort is needed to overcome the non-responsiveness of Congress on this matter.

We want there to be a concerted citizen effort throughout the country to demand that all candidates for Congress demand that the current Congress take up this matter before election day as part of a national debate.

In this national debate, incumbent members of Congress may take the position that there is no serious problem that needs addressing before November 8th, and they will not vote for the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives to take the matter up for debate and action before November 8th.

Alternatively, incumbent members of Congress may say there is a serious problem that needs addressing before November 8th, they may specify their own diagnosis of the problem, and they may propose what they think the solution or solutions should be.

All of this will then be up for debate in Congress. Congress shall endeavor to publicize the debate to the American people, Congress shall expressly acknowledge that there are reasons Congress has not been responsive to the American people on the matter, that their debate and taking action before November 8th are part of a special national political effort to overcome the non-responsiveness, and voters should use the Congressional elections in November to vote out of office their incumbent if the voters are not reasonably satisfied with such action that Congress has taken before election day to address the problem of the corrupting influence of money in politics.

We believe that most Democrats, Republicans and independents alike can agree that such a special national political effort should be undertaken during this election year, and that all our citizens should push for this special national political effort to be effective.

We are calling this citizen effort #FixCongressBeforeNov8th.

We want as much publicizing of #FixCongressBeforeNov8th nationwide and in the ___ Congressional district as possible.

The tweeting we are doing is intended to contribute to all the above.

We hope to send individually directed tweets to thousands of voters in the ___ Congressional district, which tweets will have links to this page.

If you come to this page and want to help us do even more tweeting to voters in the ___ Congressional district, please follow the guidance provided below and join in the tweeting.

We of course want our candidates in the ___ Congressional district to know about this, so we have a tweet button below each Congressional candidate in our district for sending a tweet to the candidate. The tweet that pops up for your to send will read:
 @____  I request that you publicly demand that the current Congress face up to its corruption before Nov. 8th. #DeclareForDemocracy. [link to webpage]

We hope you agree with our #FixCongressBeforeNov8th citizen effort.

Thank you.

A. General
This tweeting involves a non-standard use of Twitter, namely, the sending of very large numbers of individually directed tweets to users of "relevant" Twitter hashtags or to followers of "relevant" Twitter accounts for the ___ Congressional district.
A ground has been staked out with Twitter for this method of tweeting. See letter to Twitter @Support.
The object of this method of tweeting is to break out of like minded social media circles in order to "push out" messaging to a wider audience. For discussion of this, please read Breaking out of like minded social media circles.
For questions or discussion about this tweeting, go to Google group topic Congressional district tweeting.

B. Your tweet message
For your tweets, we suggest the following tweet messages that we are sending, but feel free to compose your own (hopefully your tweet have a link to this webpage).
We are tweeting in the __ Cong'l district to demand our current Congress take action regarding its corruption before Nov. 8th. [link to webpage]

C. Persons to send your individually directed tweets to
The object is to find hashtags and twitter accounts which show a lot of twitter users in our ___ Congressional districts that you can send your tweets to. If a person's twitter profile indicates the person appears to be in our ___ Congressional district, be selective or indiscriminate as you choose in sending the person a tweet or not.
Do not worry about redundancy and whether others participating in this tweeting bank may also be tweeting to the same person.
Here are suggestions for hashtags and "following" or "follower" lists to find people to tweet to:
[follower lists of Congressional candidates in ___district]
[more to be added]

D. How to send your tweets efficiently
In doing your tweeting, you are repetitively sending the same tweet message. This can be done very efficiently. Get the tweet message on your mouse clipboard, go to the follower list or hashtag listing you are using for your tweeting, start with the first person on the list you want to tweet to, and do this:
1. Right click on person's Twitter name.
2. Choose "open in new tab"
3. Go to the new tab.
4. Click on the "Tweet to" button.
5. Paste the tweet message in the box.
6. Hit the "Tweet" button.
7. Close the tab, which takes you back to the list
8. Go on to next person, and repeat above steps.
You should be able to send 30 to 40 tweets in a half hour. Send as many tweets as you are willing to. Don't worry about any duplication that you think may arise.
If you are using a hashtag listing, be careful NOT to send your tweet using the "reply" button. Instead, send a clean, new tweet by right clicking on the person's Twitter name as specified in instruction 1 above.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mr. Trump, why do we have to wait?

Dear Mr. Trump,

Yesterday in a speech in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton committed to making money in politics reform a top priority from the beginning of her time in office if elected president. Clinton said that “it is past time to end the stranglehold of wealthy special interests in Washington and get back to government of the people, by the people, and for the people” and promised that “as president, from my very first days, I will make campaign finance reform a top priority.” See clip from speech at

Why do we have to wait until next year? Why do we have to rely on promises from "crooked Hillary"?

In the very first debate, you said the system is broken.

You have been saying that many times, in many ways, ever since.

Our country does not have to wait to fix Congress and it does not have to rely on promises from "crooked Hillary".

Here's how: You make it part of your campaign that the American voters should demand that the current Congress take up debate of its corruption and act (or not act) before November 8th, so that the 2016 Congressional elections can be a nationwide referendum on our incumbent Congress regarding this issue.

If you are elected President, I believe your goal of making America great again can be more quickly accomplished if Congress has faced up to its corruption before you take office.

Your supporters should create tweeting banks in their Congressional districts to advance this as part of your campaign. For a template for this, see Trump tweeting bank template.

Please also see this previous letter Dear Mr. Trump.

Thank you.

Update 7/24/16: If you think Donald Trump should demand that the current Congress face up to and act on its corruption before Nov. 8th, please send him a tweet by clicking on the below link. The tweet you send will have a link to this blog entry (Mr. Trump, why do we have to wait?).  Also your tweet will contain, and show up under, the Twitter hashtag #DeclareForDemocracy.